Marian Conference – May 28, 2017


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MARIAN CONFERENCE –  “Celebrating Mary”
At St. John Bosco Parish
On May 28, 2017
Article written by: Bro. Ramon Florendo


The Marian Conference this year was like a “Virtual Pilgrimage”. For almost four hours the audience in a prayerful experience were drawn nearer to God through our Queen Mother Mary, made possible by technology of today bringing to the parish pilgrims (audience) Israel, Italy, France, Mexico and to churches and shrines where we were brought to remember the events in Mary’s life and the life of Jesus.


The event commenced with a very vibrant praise and worship led by Sis. Leng Flores.


The Pilgrim Guide, Sis. Daisy Javier confidently and eloquently did all the narratives of the story divided into six different segments:

  • Mary the Mother
  • Mary’s Sensitivity
  • Mary’s Total Obedience
  • Mary’s Constancy of Faith
  • Mary Star of Evangelization
  • Mary’s Purity

Each segment involved some videos, slide shows and songs coupled with a brief narration regarding the story by the Pilgrim Guide which made the audience’s imagination fly and virtually experience the different places and events in our Mother Mary’s life journey. It was a feeling of being in a real pilgrimage.


Sharers assigned to do a brief sharing after each segment shared very powerful and touching experiences and life changing turning points manifested through the loving intercession of our Queen Mother Mary.  Most of the audience have wet and puffy eyes crying after each sharer poured out all their sad and tear- jerking challenges, likewise answered prayers through Mama Mary.  Each sharing ended  with fervent prayers to our Queen Mother Mary.


The event culminated with a “Praisefest” led by the very inspiring Sis. Fe Cortez with the music of the North Chapter Music Ministry. Almost everyone were still very awake and joyfully dancing and praising to our ALMIGHTY GOD throughout.


The conference was attended by over one hundred CFC members, leaders and guests. Most stayed from start to finish.


First and foremost to our Lord and Mama Mary for allowing us to celebrate this yearly event successfully.  The team leader, Bro. Eric Passimio, for his commitment in leading this event. The “Pilgrim Guide” and Narrator, Sis. Daisy Javier who did an excellent job.  All the awesome sharers who made us cry (you know who you are).  The North Chapter Music Ministry, as always very good music.  ST. John Bosco Parish, for allowing us to use their venue.  Bro. Manny Isla, for the pictures posted in the website.  All the CFC leaders and members who one way or another helped, supported and sacrificed their time for the preparation and success of this event. Last but not the least for everyone who gave their time to attend this very special and spirit filled event. Praise and glory to our Lord.