CLP Graduation at Corpus Christi Parish Hall – Nov. 6, 2016


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CLP Graduation at Corpus Christi Parish Hall
on  November 6, 2016
Article written and submitted by: Bro. Greg Abesamis

“Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord (2Corinthians 10:17)”

CFC Edmonton South Chapter leader Bro Bobot & Sis Monette Cacacho along with the unit leaders and members  want to brag on what the Lord has done. Truly God is amazing in blessing the Couples for Christ community with dedicated members & leaders especially Bro Ryan & Sis Yeng dela Cruz who led the service team. We saw God’s hands in bringing together the members of South One with their Unit leaders which led us to victory.

We praise & thank God for another good harvest; 6 couples from different cultural backgrounds (3 Philippines, 1 Canada, 1 South India, 1 Nigeria) and 5 Handmaids ( 2 Sri Lanka, 3 Philippines). Please continue to pray for our new brothers & sisters for complete transformation in Christ and embracing the culture of our joyful, faithful and vibrant community of Couples for Christ.

The Dedication Ceremony was held in the CC Parish Hall which was well attended by members & leaders from CFC Edmonton and Leduc. Deacon Gem Mella blessed the food & Corpus Christi Pastor Fr Joseph Vadassery in attendance to express his appreciation of CFC support of the parish.

CFC elders were also present, Bro Glen Brana (South Chapter 2 Head), Bro Henry Guttierez (Edmonton Area Head), & Bro Noli Arzadon from BC (Western Region Head). The day was highlighted with the welcoming of our new brothers & sisters and the singing of the Welcome to the Family song by the children and Kids for Christ members led by Sis Rochelle Abenoja.

Gratitude goes first to almighty God for blessing our CLP with good harvest and secondly to our charismatic CLP Team led by Bro Ryan & Sis Yeng dela Cruz. They are the ones who truly spent countless hours in making sure the First Fall CLP at Corpus Christi was victorious for God’s glory.

May God bless us all!