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CLP Graduation at Annunciation Church Courtyard
on  November 11, 2016
Article written and submitted by: Bro. Ed Cordero

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? (Romans 8:35

Yes indeed, the fall Christian Life Program was under the protection of our Blessed Mother Mary. What a way Mary led us all to her son Jesus Christ!

The CFC-West Edmonton culminated its Christian Life Program (CLP) with a warm welcome by the entire chapter to 6 couples and 3 handmaids who successfully completed the program on Friday, 11 November 2016.  The graduates who accepted the Covenant and became new members of CFC-West chapter are:

1.) Tyke “Philip” Abella &  Mary “Annie” Abella
2.) Benjamin “Benjie” Acevedo & Rose Acevedo
3.) Ednor Arana & Janette Arana
4.) Marco Tito “Marc” Lambo & Guia “Yang” Lambo
5.) Jason “Jay” Macaspac & Kathleen “Kat” Macaspac
6.) Kenneth Roy “Ken” Ramos &Raquel Ramos

1) Michelle “Mitch” Constan
2.) Emelda “Chong” Delicano
3.) Olivia Fanaeian

The CLP, held at the Church of Annunciation, was conducted for nine consecutive Friday evenings, beginning with the first talk on God’s love on September 9 and culminating with the talk on Transformation in Christ and Dedication Ceremony on November 11 – what a meaningful celebration! The CLP was facilitated by a first time CLP Team led by Bro. Jun and Sis. Bebeth Corsanes. They were assisted by Bro. Edwin and Sis. Lizel Rivera. The music  ministry was headed by Bro. Buboy and Sis. Vilma Estiller. This CLP was supervised by the Unit leaders – Bro. Rollie and Sis. Jesh Zabala.

The CLP also provided an opportunity for some community members to grow in service by becoming first time speakers, sharers and discussion leaders – underlining the words of Pope Paul VI that, “Evangelization is simply to bring the good news to all strata of humanity, and by its own strength, it will enter the hearts of men and renew the human race”.

The CFC-West Edmonton Chapter is always blessed to have the strong support of Rev. John Louis Mariapragasam SDB of Parish of Annunciation.