Bro. Nap Llanos Message RE: Katrina Zeno

Bro. Nap Llanos Message
RE: Katrina Zeno Talks/Presentation
On October 22, 2016

Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Peace be with you ALL. Hope all of you are doing well.

Last Cluster assembly, GOL (Gift of LIFE) Program had plugged-in the announcement through the screen the confirmed seminar / workshop  engagement with Katrina Zeno coming up on Oct 22 (Saturday) at St Teresa’s Church Hall from 8AM – 4PM.

Please view the: PPT for more information below:

This is an experience of a lifetime for the understanding of Sex Ed, Chastity and Dating as inspired by St Paul’s “Theology of the BODY”. This is geared towards parents with children ages 2-18 and is very beneficial for Grandparents, Catholic School Teachers, Cat echists and those in ministries that work with these ages. Teen ages groups 18 yrs. and older are also invited for their siblings or relatives they have living or always associate with them.  Tickets are available through the Chapter and Unit Heads and Family Ministries. It is only $10.00 for the whole 4 talks:
* Sex Education vs Chastity
* Setting the Stage of Chastity Formation (Part 1)
* Setting the Stage of Chastity Formation (Part 2)
* Dating and Romance and
* GOD : Recipe for Disaster or Success

Please take time and we’ll see you there. Again, the basic unit of Society is the Family ….. we should continue to strengthen strengthening our  FAMILIES. Please call or email should you need further information.

PLEASE DO NOT   HESITATE   to forward to ALL our CFC brethren and friends , co-workers, Catholic Teachers and within the Family Ministries.

GOD bless you ALL,

Nap & Elly Llanos
CFC Edm PFO and  GOL
(780) 990-4124

More Information about this Katrina Zeno’s presentation below (scroll down to see the 4 powerpoint slides):