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2017 CFC-HOLD Conference at Radisson Hotel – Sept 8 to 10

CFC – HOLD North America Conference (Canada & USA)
In Radisson Hotel South
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
On September 8-10, 2017

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2017 –  Part 1 – Pictures from CFC Manny I.
2017 – Part 2 – Pictures from CFC Manny I.
2017 – Part 3 –Pictures from Ken I.
2017 – Part 4  – Not yet available; still waiting from  SFC group

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2017 – Video 1 to 4 – Not yet available; still waiting from Audio/visual group.

To view the Article written by CFC – HOLD Sis. Marizza Diaz : Click here


Marian Conference – May 28, 2017


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MARIAN CONFERENCE –  “Celebrating Mary”
At St. John Bosco Parish
On May 28, 2017
Article written by: Bro. Ramon Florendo


The Marian Conference this year was like a “Virtual Pilgrimage”. For almost four hours the audience in a prayerful experience were drawn nearer to God through our Queen Mother Mary, made possible by technology of today bringing to the parish pilgrims (audience) Israel, Italy, France, Mexico and to churches and shrines where we were brought to remember the events in Mary’s life and the life of Jesus.


The event commenced with a very vibrant praise and worship led by Sis. Leng Flores.


The Pilgrim Guide, Sis. Daisy Javier confidently and eloquently did all the narratives of the story divided into six different segments:

  • Mary the Mother
  • Mary’s Sensitivity
  • Mary’s Total Obedience
  • Mary’s Constancy of Faith
  • Mary Star of Evangelization
  • Mary’s Purity

Each segment involved some videos, slide shows and songs coupled with a brief narration regarding the story by the Pilgrim Guide which made the audience’s imagination fly and virtually experience the different places and events in our Mother Mary’s life journey. It was a feeling of being in a real pilgrimage.


Sharers assigned to do a brief sharing after each segment shared very powerful and touching experiences and life changing turning points manifested through the loving intercession of our Queen Mother Mary.  Most of the audience have wet and puffy eyes crying after each sharer poured out all their sad and tear- jerking challenges, likewise answered prayers through Mama Mary.  Each sharing ended  with fervent prayers to our Queen Mother Mary.


The event culminated with a “Praisefest” led by the very inspiring Sis. Fe Cortez with the music of the North Chapter Music Ministry. Almost everyone were still very awake and joyfully dancing and praising to our ALMIGHTY GOD throughout.


The conference was attended by over one hundred CFC members, leaders and guests. Most stayed from start to finish.


First and foremost to our Lord and Mama Mary for allowing us to celebrate this yearly event successfully.  The team leader, Bro. Eric Passimio, for his commitment in leading this event. The “Pilgrim Guide” and Narrator, Sis. Daisy Javier who did an excellent job.  All the awesome sharers who made us cry (you know who you are).  The North Chapter Music Ministry, as always very good music.  ST. John Bosco Parish, for allowing us to use their venue.  Bro. Manny Isla, for the pictures posted in the website.  All the CFC leaders and members who one way or another helped, supported and sacrificed their time for the preparation and success of this event. Last but not the least for everyone who gave their time to attend this very special and spirit filled event. Praise and glory to our Lord.

ANCOP Seminar, Worshop & Training Sessions on April 8, 2017

in EDMONTON on April 8, 2017
Article written by: Sis. Marizza Diaz, CFC Edmonton

The 2017 ANCOP Seminar, Workshop and Training  was reminiscent of the 2014 Ancop Summit when Edmonton played host to brainstorm the KRA (Key Result Areas) that now directs ANCOP Canada.  This time, it was to forcefully implement theDSC_2370a KRA’s given the impact of Pope Francis’ strong endorsement to “Answer the Cry Of the Poor”.   It was also  a grand reunion of 2 formidable leaders out to conquer poverty.  Former CFC International Council ChairmaDSC_2389an and now ANCOP Canada President Ricky Cuenca and former CFC and ANCOP Canada Chairman and now ANCOP Edmonton Area Coordinator Greg Parillas met again in Edmonton.

And so, between the 2017 World Men’s Curling Championship and the Stanley Cup NHL Playoffs, CFC Edmontonians flocked to the Sherbrooke Community League Hall on April 8, 2017 to spend a day full of inspiring talks and participate in workshops. The day was wisely used to pique interest, inspire, motivate and sustain ANCOP goals of fundraising for the benefit of Ancop projects.

A video entitled “In the Grip of Poverty” set the tone for the day.  It told the stories of 3 recipients of Ancop Canada’s support:  Elijah Cuevas (Elementary), Joy Abogadie (former scholar and now Teacher) and Rosalie Besana (Beautician and recipient of AVANAI Housing and Livelihood Programs).  They were just 3 of the many grateful beneficiaries of ANCOP’s three major programs: Child Sponsorship, Community Development and Relief and Rehabilitation.

Of the three, the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) is the most successful.  It is basically a support for the continued education of deserving children and their families.  About 2,606 scholars are being sponsored in the Philippines, 420 in Kenya, 267 in India, 62 in Nigeria and 36 in Tanzania. ANCOP provides education and basic health care to the poorest of the poor. For CAD$38.00 a month, or CAD$456.00 a year, you can sponsor an Elementary to High School scholar and CAD$96.00 a month or CAD$912.00 a year for a College or Vocational Scholar. We also sponsor Seminarians!

In the Community Development Program (CDP), Ancop does not only transform houses from shanties to fortified structures but also transform family lives from slums to homes through its holistic approach of value formation where beneficiaries are taught the value of cleanliness, proper hygiene, cooperation, honor and respect to their new neighbors,  youth engagement, livelihood projects and construction “bayanihan”.  With its 14 year history of providing homes for the homeless, Ancop Canada has been able to form strong partnerships with the Church, several Associations and Business Owners.  Examples of Fr. Michael McHugh of the St. Ambrose Church in Cambridge, Ontario and Fr. Carlos Macatangga of Cristo Rei, Mississsauga were awe-inspiring considering their efforts at building communities of more than 100 homes in Bato, Leyte and 17 homes in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, respectively.

It takes only CAD$146.00 per month for 24 months or CAD$3,500.00 to sponsor a home for an economically challenged family or CAD$35,000.00 to sponsor a whole village of 10 houses. It is even cheaper than most of our kitchen renovation projects!!

Our best partners have been from the Business SIMG_1753aector and we have been partnering with Dolce Vita, a local based developer here in Edmonton for more than 4 years now. They have been our partners in our very own Ancop Edmonton villages ie. 30 houses in Malugay, Paranaque and just recently, 20 houses of Ancop-Rotary homes along C-5 Paranaque, Philippines.

But perhaps the most striking program is Relief and Rehabilitation. Still reeling from our gigantic efforts to better the lives of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) victims, Ricky C. talked about awarding homes to 400 surviving families, withstanding political and logistical hardships. But Typhoon “Lawin,” another Signal No. 5 typhoon, struck last year with equally devastating results. So now, efforts towards the rehab of Cagayan and Isabela are underway.

It is also noteworthy that ANCOP Canada, made efforts to help in our own backyard. In a small way, we have donated to victims of the recent Fort McMurray fire in Alberta.

An enjoyable workshop was also used to pump up the courage to promote and defend the Ancop goals for each participant. Ricky C’s sister Peachy Forbes came all the way from Nova Scotia to hold that workshop for us.

The highlight of the afternoon was a demonstration of the Ancop online effDSC_2279aorts to make donating a breeze. This was presented with the help of Darryll Bajaro.

Pope Francis said it best: “To ignore the poor is to despise God and that the Lord’s mercy for us is tightly connected to our own mercy for others.”

————- End ————

1) To know more about ANCOP projects globally:  Click here

2) To register for the ANCOP Walk in Edmonton on August 19, 2017: Click here

3) To sponsor a child under the “Child Sponsorship Program (CSP):  Click here

4) To view the pictures at the Seminar, Workshop and Training Sessions on April 8, 2017: Click here


Prayer for CFC Edmonton Mission Centre

Prayer for CFC Edmonton Mission Centre

We praise and thank you Almighty God for calling us to be a part of this community Couples for Christ whom you have raised as your gift to the world.  We thank you for all your goodness and for all the blessings and gifts that you have constantly bestowed upon our families.

Lord, as we journey into our future, we bring to you our needs for our own Mission Centre in Edmonton which will be used mainly for evangelization and work for the poor.  We depend fully on your guidance, wisdom, inspiration, provision and grace to enable us to achieve our plans and fulfill our dream.

Lord, we lift up to you the Building Fund Committee that will spearhead the project together with the CFC Edmonton Community.  We ask you to bless our efforts and help us with the task that lies ahead as ONE community sharing our Time, Talent and Treasure.  Above all, send us your Holy Spirit to help, equip and sustain us in Jesus mighty name with the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary.  AMEN.

CLP Graduation at Corpus Christi Parish Hall – Nov. 6, 2016


dsc_1022bTo view all pictures click here

CLP Graduation at Corpus Christi Parish Hall
on  November 6, 2016
Article written and submitted by: Bro. Greg Abesamis

“Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord (2Corinthians 10:17)”

CFC Edmonton South Chapter leader Bro Bobot & Sis Monette Cacacho along with the unit leaders and members  want to brag on what the Lord has done. Truly God is amazing in blessing the Couples for Christ community with dedicated members & leaders especially Bro Ryan & Sis Yeng dela Cruz who led the service team. We saw God’s hands in bringing together the members of South One with their Unit leaders which led us to victory.

We praise & thank God for another good harvest; 6 couples from different cultural backgrounds (3 Philippines, 1 Canada, 1 South India, 1 Nigeria) and 5 Handmaids ( 2 Sri Lanka, 3 Philippines). Please continue to pray for our new brothers & sisters for complete transformation in Christ and embracing the culture of our joyful, faithful and vibrant community of Couples for Christ.

The Dedication Ceremony was held in the CC Parish Hall which was well attended by members & leaders from CFC Edmonton and Leduc. Deacon Gem Mella blessed the food & Corpus Christi Pastor Fr Joseph Vadassery in attendance to express his appreciation of CFC support of the parish.

CFC elders were also present, Bro Glen Brana (South Chapter 2 Head), Bro Henry Guttierez (Edmonton Area Head), & Bro Noli Arzadon from BC (Western Region Head). The day was highlighted with the welcoming of our new brothers & sisters and the singing of the Welcome to the Family song by the children and Kids for Christ members led by Sis Rochelle Abenoja.

Gratitude goes first to almighty God for blessing our CLP with good harvest and secondly to our charismatic CLP Team led by Bro Ryan & Sis Yeng dela Cruz. They are the ones who truly spent countless hours in making sure the First Fall CLP at Corpus Christi was victorious for God’s glory.

May God bless us all!


Brief History & Updates on “What is Couples For Christ today.

Brief History & Updates on “What is Couples for Christ” today
Presentation at the Cluster Assembly
held at Corpus Christi Church on Sept. 17, 2016
by: Bro. Greg Parillas
(Former CFC – Canada National Director)

The very first  question normally  asked by someone who is not yet a member of CFC is: “ WHAT IS COUPLES FOR CHRIST”?  This afternoon,  please allow me to show you this brief presentation so that we will get to know more and have a better understanding about the history of CFC and what are the activities that CFC members are doing in this community.

What is Couples for Christ?  It is a Christian Community in the Catholic Church established  for the renewal and strengthening family life and making the love of God felt among the poor.

In our faith journey, we discover that true faith is not lived out in isolation but within community.

Building communities, that is the essence of Couples for Christ  through a  HOUSEHOLD.cfc-household-pic

The pastoral structure of CFC is such that every member belongs to a household composed of 4 to 7 couples,  for personal and pastoral support  led by  a CFC leader.

As we all knowLife out there in the busy world is hard!

The father, who is the main provider,  is busy at work to sustain the basic family needs.  The mother whose   main role is to look after  the home and children may need to  work as well  in order to meet the family’s  financial needs.

In CFC, members are blessed to belong to a household that supports each other.

In fact, the basic household  is the link that binds the entire community together.

cfc-place-to-belongWhat we know of a community in CFC is a place to belong and a place of love which gives us HOPE and STRENGTH.

  To encourage someone who is feeling  hopeless.

 To accompany those  who are feeling lonely.

  To give strength to those who are weak and the disheartened.

 To intercede for those who need prayers.  Praying for one another is part of  CFC’s culture that strengthens faith and trust in God.

“For where two or three are gathered  together in my name,  there am I  in the midst of them” Matthew 18:20.

In CFC,  we believe that two or three  people is all it takes to establish a Christian community, living in a community  of some sort    even if it is just living in Christian unity with your own spouse, is an important fundamental of the Christian Life.

CFC Origin
Couples for Christ was established  in 1981 by the “Ligaya ng Panginoon”  or  “Joy of the Lord”, a covenanted community in Manila, Philippines, with 16 couples.

On its tenth anniversary, CFC bannered the tagline:  “FAMILIES IN THE HOLY SPIRIT RENEWING THE FACE OF THE EARTH” which has become the VISION OF CFC.

Family Ministries
In 1993, the Family Ministries were established:cfc-kids-youth-hold

CFC Kids for Christ Ministry, aims to serve children from ages four (4) to twelve (12). The ministry is committed to mold young Christ-like leaders. The Vision and Mission of KFC is  “To bring kids to the Lord and build a bright new world”..

CFC Youth for Christ Ministry   aims to evangelize youth from ages thirteen (13) to twenty-one (21). The ministry molds a generation of young, passionate and Christ-centered young people.

CFC Singles for Christ, The ministry was established  to cater to the needs of single men and women from 21 to 40 years of age. The pastoral care offered by the ministry, is not limited to those who are called for marriage, but includes as well those who may be considering either single blessedness or religious vocation as a state of life.

 CFC Servants of the Lord (SOLD) Ministry specifically targets mature men from ages forty-one (41) and above.  SOLD activities revolve around the spirit of brotherhood offering pastoral formation programs that mold its members to become “True Men of God”.

  CFC Handmaids of the Lord. (HOLD) target mature women, single mothers, widows, separated/divorced women, married women whose husbands are working in another province or country and  migrant workers.

And recently, CFC has adopted a new program called  SENIOR’S PROGRAM, a special program designed for those members who are at least 60 years old and above.

With all those ministries and program catering to all the members of the family, CFC now has a “ WOMB to TOMB” Ministry.

CFC in Canada
CFC was established in Canada in early part of 1994.  Christian Life Programs were conducted first in Vancouver, B.C. and Toronto, Ontario in February 1994.

Federal incorporation papers as a non-profit corporation were filed with the Ministry of Industry on March 31, 1994.  It is this date that we commemorate as the beginnings of CFC Canada.

Evangelization spread rapidly such that CLPs were conducted in neighboring provinces, namely, Quebec, Alberta and Manitoba.

The first CLP in Edmonton was held in August 1995 with the support of CFC members from Vancouver.  The first 3 couples who graduated from the first CLP in Edmonton were: Diony and Eva Tanada, Danny and Louie Dolores and Jun and Hermie Angeles.  Lito and Sylvia Soco who led the first CLP in Edmonton became the first Area Leaders of CFC Edmonton.  CFC members from the Philippines and the Middle East countries like Bahrain and UAE who migrated to Edmonton were integrated in the CFC community starting in 1996.

vatican-recognition2Vatican Recognition
In the year 2000, Vatican recognized CFC as a private international association of the faithful and approved its statutes,  for five years ad experimentum.

After 5 years of experimentation, the Vatican gave its definitive recognition of CFC as a private international association of the faithful and approved its statutes.

The Decree from Vatican granting the definitive approval was given on the 25th of April 2005 on the Feast of Saint Mark Evangelist.

With the definitive approval, Couple for Christ became one of the 122 international associations of the faithful recognized by Vatican under the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

Expanded Vision and Mission
In 2008, after a series of consultations with members, CFC adapted the expanded Vision which reads:

“Moved by the Holy Spirit, One with the Catholic Church, Blessed to witness to Christ’s  love and service, CFC is a united global community of Family Evangelizers, That sets the world on fire with the Fullness of God’s transforming Love”.

  “Building the Church of the Home and Building the Church of the Poor” are the two-fold missions of CFC. And the expanded version reads:

We are Couples for Christ. We are committed to live in Gods righteousness and holiness, evangelizing people through  a life of love and service; we shall  work for  the renewal of families that will serve God and build generations of Christian leaders; and we shall pursue Total Christian Liberation through social justice, respect for life, and work with the poor.

cfc-pic-anniversaryCFC Canada celebrated its 20th year anniversary in 2014.   In Edmonton, His Grace Archbishop Richard Smith celebrated Mass at St. Joseph Basilica on October 4, 2014, concelebrated by Fr. Martin and Fr. Mike.

 CFC’s evangelization  in Edmonton and Mission Areas

After the first CLP in 1995, the Archdiocese of Edmonton allowed CFC to conduct Christian Life Programs in different parishes in the city and  neighboring areas. CLPs were conducted in the following parishes in Edmonton: St. Andrew, St. Theresa, St. Charles, St. Agnes,  St. Anthony, Annunciation, St. John Evangelist, Good Shepherd, St. Dominic Savio, St. John Bosco, St. Matthew, Corpus Christi and St. Joseph Basilica.  Outside of Edmonton: Our Lady of the Angels,  Fort Saskatchewan, AB; St. Anthony, Lloydminster, AB;  Our Lady of the Foothills, Hinton, AB; Sacred Heart, Red Deer, AB; St. Stephen, Lacombe, AB;  St. Augustine, Ponoka, AB;  Our Lady of Peace, Innisfail, AB; St. Michael, Leduc, AB; St. Francis Xavier, Camrose, AB; Our Lady of Lourdes, Jasper, AB; Our Lady of the Assumption, Sylvan Lake, AB; St. Albert, AB; St. Rita, Valleyview, AB; St. Joseph, Whitecourt, AB and St. Joseph, Grande Prairie, AB.

Now, after 22 years,  membership in Edmonton reached  to 1,524 individuals,  comprising of:

  379 couples or 758 individuals

    85 Singles for Christ

  377 Youth for Christ

    74 Kids for Christ

   208 Handmaids of the Lord    and 22 Servants of the Lord

   Evangelization during the first half of 2016
During the first half of  2016,   11 CLPs and 2 Youth Camps were conducted in different parishes as follows:

   South 1 Chapter:  Corpus Christi Church and St. Michael Church in Leduc

   South 2 Chapter:  St. Agnes Church in Edmonton, Our Lady of Peace in Innisfail, AB, and St. Francis Xavier in Camrose, AB

North Chapter:   St. Dominic Savio Church,  and St. Matthew Church in  Edmonton, and St. Anthony Church in Lloydminster, AB

   West Chapter:  Annunciation Church in Edmonton

   Handmaids of the Lord:  St. Andrew Church in Edmonton

   Singles For Christ:  St. Theresa Church in Edmonton

   Youth for Christ:  2 Youth camps held at Camp Nakamun and at Malhurst, AB

From those 11 CLPs and 2 Youth Camps, a total of  153 new members joined CFC community.

In this picture, it shows the CLP  at St. Dominic Savio Church where 25 new membDSC_0183aers from different background and  culture finished the CLP on May 2016.  CFC promotes the Multi-Culture Evangelization and Missions Program.

The Handmaids of the Lord conducted its  CLP at St. Andrew Church in March 2016.cfc-mer

Continuing Faith Formation
The Christian Life is intended to be a continuing process of spiritual growth.

After the CLP, CFC provides continuing formation to members including many teaching courses and retreats  like Financial Stewardship, Marriage Enrichment Retreat 1 and 2, Evangelization Training, Spiritual Gifts, Foundations for Christian Living, Christian Personal Relationships, Fruits of the Holy Spirit, and many more.

cfc-clp-holdOn Sept. 3 & 4, 2016, 8 couples completed their Marriage Enrichment Retreat 2 at the Providence Renewal Centre, Edmonton.  And this coming November, 2016, Marriage Enrichment Retreat no. 1 will be given to those new members of the CFC Community at Providence Renewal Centre.  Prospective participants are encouraged to register early. You can view our Website: for more information.

CFC members are formed to love the poor.

 Members share their financial  blessings to others by sponsoring poor children to go to school: elementary, high school and college  and by giving donations to ANCOP or ANSWERING THE CRY OF THE POOR,  to be used for the construction of   decent homes for the homeless families in developing countries.

The biggest annual fundraising event of  CFC for the poor is the ANCOP Walk where members solicit donations to enable poor children in developing countries  to go to elementary, high school and college.    ANCOP brings hope to the poor and restores their dignity and provides homes to the  homeless families.

cfc-house-buildCFC ANCOP Canada led the fundraising campaign for  the construction of 400 homes which is  called “Pope Francis ANCOP Canada Community in Palo, Leyte in Partnership with the Archdiocese of Palo, Leyte and SM Cares.  The 400 houses were awarded last April 2016 to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), the strongest typhoon that hit the Philippines   3 years ago.

cfc-golCFC has a Gift of Life Ministry.  The goal of the Ministry is to form and educate men and  women to be empowered  evangelizers proclaiming the Gospel of life and building the culture of life.

CFC Edmonton members have supported various gift of life  advocacies  in the following events:

1) 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil infront of the Abortion Clinic where CFC members took  turn in praying the rosary from 8 AM to 6 PM on a particular day of the week  with the hope that those mothers who cfc-legislature-picare planning to abort their baby may change their decision and instead,  take care of the unborn child.
2) CFC Music Ministry serves in the Alberta March for Life for the longest time initially in front of the Legislature Building then transferred to Sir Winston Churchill’s Square in front of  the City Hall.cfc-gol-pic
3) CFC members join other Pro-lifers in the annual Life Chain   held every first Sunday  of  October in the downtown area.

Migrant Workers Program
CFC Supports the Migrant Workers Program. We believe  that migrants and their families must be integrated in the life of the church and supported through pastoral plan.  Every summer time, CFC invites  foreign contract workers in Edmonton to join the annual picnic  and fellowship  at the Laurier  Park and invite them to attend Information Programs  and  join the Christian Life Program.

Other major events that CFC and Its Family Ministries had during the first half of 2016:
1) Some 200 members of our CFC Youth for Christ in Edmonton joined the Alberta Regional Conference in Calgary on April 23 & 24, 2016 where Bishop Henry celebrated Mass.
2) On May 21 and 22, 2016, the Singles For Christ Regional Conference was held at the Aldergrove School in Edmonton. Around 200 SFCs  from the different cities in Alberta joined the event where Fr. Dean Dowle celebrated Mass.
3) The CFC HOLD Mariam Conference with the theme:  JOY OF MARY was  held at St. Theresa Church on June 11, 2016.
4) The CFC Edmonton Annual Family and Sports Day was held at the Coronation Park Westmount, Edmonton, on July 9, 2016.
5) In support of the church Building Fund, CFC Edmonton organized a “Summer Garage Sale” at the Parking lot of Corpus Christi Church.
6) CFC Music Ministry also organized the first LIVE2WORSHIP Concert on February 28, 2016 at the St. Theresa Church Hall to raise funds for the Building Fund of Corpus Christi Church.
7) CFC Edmonton also helped organize  the “Rise Up” concert   held at the McDougal Church  to raise funds for the renovation of the Annunciation church.

Vocation Promotion
The CFC has become an instrument in promoting vocations. Currently, two members of the Singles For Christ in Edmonton are studying at the   Joseph Seminary and Newman Theological College here in Edmonton.  They are:  Jessie Baris and Sedney Polinar.

  • Diaconate Formation program:  In Edmonton, Ramon Morales, from the CFC South Chapter,  is now on his 3rd year in the Diaconate Formation.

Called To Protect Training
In order to comply with the Archdiocese policy, we requested Ms. Lucy Kaakyo of the Archdiocese Pastoral Centre to conduct the “Called To Protect Training”  to our leaders and members.  The training was held at St. Agnes Church in August 2016.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, God has raised up Couples for Christ so that  we in turn,  would rise up in defense of His work.  So, let us answer God’s call in building strong, vibrant, living Christian communities through our evangelization works in Couples for Christ.

cropped-REJOICE.PRAY_.GIVE-THANKS.jpgAs the 2016 CFC theme exhorts:  Let us REJOICE, PRAY and GIVE THANKS! Phil. 4:4-7

Bro. Greg Parillas
Former CFC Canada – National Director


Upcoming Confirmed Events




Date: October 14, 2017 – Saturday – 6:30 pm
Venue: Corpus Christi Hall – 2707 – 34 St. NW, Edmonton, AB

Check your email for more info & assignments


Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER 1 &2)

Date: October 21 & 22, 2017 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue:   Providence Renewal Centre, 3005 119 St., Edmonton, 
     Alberta,  CANADA

See more info below from email of
Bro. Henry G.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Peace be with you all!

Please be advised that MER 1 & 2 will be held on Saturday, October 21st and Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 at the Providence Renewal Center.

MER Fee – $250 per couple – including 1 night stay, 1 breakfast, 2 lunch and 1 dinner,

We have only limited seats and room booking will be on a first come – first serve basis.

Please disseminate this information to all your members who are expected to attend MER 1 & 2.

The PFO Team will lead this retreat.

In His Service,

Bro Henry & Sis Millete


Fundraising – ANCOP CONCERT
Called: Rythm of Hearts

Date: November 25, 2017 – Saturday – 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Venue: Gateway Alliance Church – 13931 – 140  St. NW, Edmonton (Opposite Leon’s Furniture)

Spearheaded by the Singles for Christ (SFC) Ministry.

Check your email for more info & assignments


Ongoing Activities


#####       #####      #####      #####      #####


CFC North Chapter – North West Unit
cordially invites  you to

Christian Life Program (CLP)

Date: Every Sunday from Sept. 10 to Oct. 29, 2017
Time: After the mass from 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Venue:     St. Albert Church (Basement)
7 St. Vital Avenue, St. Albert, Alberta
Contact Persons: Bro. John  & Sis. Anne Braun


#####     #####    #####     #####     #####

Bro. Nap Llanos Message RE: Katrina Zeno

Bro. Nap Llanos Message
RE: Katrina Zeno Talks/Presentation
On October 22, 2016

Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Peace be with you ALL. Hope all of you are doing well.

Last Cluster assembly, GOL (Gift of LIFE) Program had plugged-in the announcement through the screen the confirmed seminar / workshop  engagement with Katrina Zeno coming up on Oct 22 (Saturday) at St Teresa’s Church Hall from 8AM – 4PM.

Please view the: PPT for more information below:

This is an experience of a lifetime for the understanding of Sex Ed, Chastity and Dating as inspired by St Paul’s “Theology of the BODY”. This is geared towards parents with children ages 2-18 and is very beneficial for Grandparents, Catholic School Teachers, Cat echists and those in ministries that work with these ages. Teen ages groups 18 yrs. and older are also invited for their siblings or relatives they have living or always associate with them.  Tickets are available through the Chapter and Unit Heads and Family Ministries. It is only $10.00 for the whole 4 talks:
* Sex Education vs Chastity
* Setting the Stage of Chastity Formation (Part 1)
* Setting the Stage of Chastity Formation (Part 2)
* Dating and Romance and
* GOD : Recipe for Disaster or Success

Please take time and we’ll see you there. Again, the basic unit of Society is the Family ….. we should continue to strengthen strengthening our  FAMILIES. Please call or email should you need further information.

PLEASE DO NOT   HESITATE   to forward to ALL our CFC brethren and friends , co-workers, Catholic Teachers and within the Family Ministries.

GOD bless you ALL,

Nap & Elly Llanos
CFC Edm PFO and  GOL
(780) 990-4124

More Information about this Katrina Zeno’s presentation below (scroll down to see the 4 powerpoint slides):

CFC Migrant Workers Training Program

CFC Migrant Workers Training Program
by: Sis. Virgie Sumalinog

The Migrant Program Team in Edmonton, headed by Brod Aurelio and Sis Virginia welcomed Brod Noel and Sis Edith Magtibay, National Coordinators of the Migrant Program in Canada. on Sunday, Sept 18, 2016 at Ellwood Daycare.

They conducted a Training with the MP Team in preparation of the forthcoming  series of CFC Migrant Enhancement Program in Edmonton.

Brod Joe and Sis Mila Yamamoto of the CFC International Council,  Brod Henry Gutierrez and Sis Milette, Edmonton Cluster Heads, members of the AGT’s and Chapter Heads also joined to support the program.

Click here to view pictures