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Give Love on Christmas

Dear Brothers and Sisters in CFC,

Are we ready to open the door of our heart for Jesus?

Are we ready to open the door of our heart for a poor child?

I know many of us are excited to celebrate Christmas and it means welcoming the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in our heart, in our life.  Having Jesus Christ in our life is a good manifestation of our love and faith to Him. However, being His followers we also need to put into practice one of the traits that He wanted us to do, which is Giving. His birth came into fruition by giving His own life for all of us and  left us with a mission to evangelize and take care of our least fortunate brothers and sisters.

Matthew 25:40  “Truly I say to you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did it for Me.”

Giving is the essence of Christmas and once again we are all encourage in our own small ways to think of the many poor children that need food, clothing and proper education.  This is the time to act, to open the door of our heart, To Give Love and Hope to the poor little ones.

May we have all the joy and blessings this Christmas season has to offer to all of us.

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CFC – Christian Life Program Graduation (St. Dominic Savio Parish)

May 8, 2016
St. Dominic Savio Parish – Edmonton, Canada
Article written and submitted by: Bro. Ramon Florendo

Let us all “Rejoice, Pray and Give Thanks” to a very successful and blessed CFC Christian Life Program for eight Sundays held at St. Dominic Savio Parish. Since the start of this CLP last March 6, 2016 until the dedication night on May 8, we certainly felt the anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit. Despite the many challenges, trials and some obvious oppressions encountered by participants, more so by the members of the service team, the eight weeks sessions went by considerably smooth due to the outpouring of grace through the Power of The Holy Spirit.

On the first day during the orientation, we could not believe the number of people who came and listened to the call of God. Likewise the multi- cultural combination of participants was stunning. There were more non Filipino participants. They were composed of immigrants from Nigeria, Portugal, Mauritius, and some Caucasian parishioners. For eight exciting Sundays, there were more than 50 people (service team & participants) who regularly came, including 15 children ranging age 6-12. The “Team’s” biggest challenge was food. Feeding this number of adults and 15 very active and hungry children was never easy. However, “miraculously”, we never ran out of food. We had over abundance of food weekly, just like a “Fiesta” brought mostly by members of the North East Unit. In fact some participants even have “take homes”.

clp-savio The most memorable was the dedication night where more than 80 people packed the basement of St. Dominic Savio Parish. A total of 25 participants (5 missed in the picture) composed of seven couples, ten handmaids and one servant from a combination of different nationalities graduated, and were warmly welcomed. The most we ever had here in the North Chapter.

WOW! What a wonderful and fulfilling moments, knowing that the powerful Hands of God was working through the discerned and selected speakers. Just imagine the ripple effect of these newly found Brothers and Sisters to their respective families, relatives and friends.

The closing remarks by our new Parish Priest, Fr. Gabriel Udeh (center in the picture) was very encouraging and challenging. He promised and assured CFC for his continuous support for whatever CFC activities held in the Parish. His challenge is to see the positive and fruitful results that would manifest only if the graduates become better, authentic and dynamic Christians.

Kudos to the service team headed by the very eloquent and committed Bro. Eric and Sis. Edith Passimio. The kids watch were commendable. Bro. Frank Co and Sis.Olive Co with their two kids saw to it that the children were entertained with movies coupled with some activities, so they weren’t bored. More so this CLP would not have been a success without participants who were committed and showed a strong desire to finish the program. Last but not the least, to all those who came and supported this CLP behind the scenes….you know who you are!

All Praise and Glory to Our Lord!

P.S. St. Dominic Savio Parish Council have highly commended what the CFC Community have contributed to the Parish through the years. They acknowledged our visibility based on numerous CFC activities held regularly in the Parish. Likewise our two CFC choirs (Couples in Harmony and CFC All Men’s Choir) are well recognized, appreciated and admired.

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