Annual LIVELOUD worship concert

CFC Youth (CFC-Y) is a community of young believers under the umbrella of Couples for Christ (CFC) Global Mission Foundation; an international association of the Faithful of Pontifical Rite, officially recognized by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council of the Laity. CFC-Youth are filled with the vibrancy and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, eager to be and bring Christ wherever they go. One of the basic things that we seek to instill in their hearts is an appreciation of their God-given gifts and talents, one of these gifts is music. This is where the inspiration manifested itself – we should create our own music for the Lord. Thus, the campaign, known as LIVELOUD started.
The annual LIVELOUD worship concert became an avenue to share, teach, and launch our new community songs. Since the first concert in 2009, there have been an increasing number of original compositions and attendees in the concert. The worship concert also helps build unity within the various ministries of Couples for Christ and has become an avenue to share our community to all through praise and worship music.
We invite everyone to join us for a celebration of love, mercy and faithfulness through our LIVELOUD Praise Concert this November 12, 2016 at West Meadows Baptist Church, Edmonton AB.

Written by: Bro. Greg Parillas

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