ANCOP is Couples For Christ’s expanded work with the poor.Christ, proclaimed in word and action, is the center and the mover of our work with the poor. Our commitment to love the poor flows out of our love of God and neighbor, and Christ’s great love for the poor. CFC ANCOP is moved by the Holy Spirit. Even as we offer our best time, talents, treasures and plans to God, we obey and allow His Holy Spirit to dictate the pace, determine the size, and bless the fruit of the work. CFC ANCOP is one with the Church. This means helping out in the parishes, and proactively engaging the Bishops and Clergy in our common mission.CFC proclaimed that ANCOP, “at the heart of the work, is the heart of Jesus”. It allows various expressions of the work with the poor, which includes Gawad Kalinga, particularly in CFC managed GK sites. However, the work goes beyond GK and intends to have a wider reach to those who are in need, with our programs in Education, Health, Jobs, Farms, Homes and Community Development, Socio-economic Benefit System, and Environment.CFC ANCOP shall bring these programs to Prisoners and their families and their victims’ families, to migrant workers and their families, to persons with disabilities, to GK sites and other poor areas.CFC ANCOP shall give special attention to children and help them develop wholistically to be Christian values-grounded, healthy, competent and responsible citizens of the future.

As CFC ANCOP pursue this work, the poor among us in CFC shall not be neglected and bring the programs to them.

All CFC brethren should be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers and begin our journey with the poor that we shall proclaim as Christ-centered and Family oriented ministry.


CFC ANCOP VISION : The CFC arm leading a global network that builds the Church of the Poor  through defense of life and creation, social justice and work with the poor.
CFC ANCOP MISSION : Answering the Cry of the Poor,* by sharing Christ’s love as an instrument for healing.* addressing their relevant needs (material, physical and emotional), and* fulfilling their yearning for a better future. Through personal and family transformation that leads to a just and caring society and a life of dignity for all.
COUPLES FOR CHRIST (CFC) gave birth of Gawad Kalinga. CFC through our ANCOP continues our GK in CFC managed GK sites. CFC ANCOP PROGRAMS :Education, Health, Jobs, Farms, Homes and Community Development, Socio-economic Benefit System, and Environment

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